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AcaStat statistical software is an inexpensive and easy-to-use data analysis tool.  Create and format AcaStat data files, import delimited files, or paste data directly from a spreadsheet.  Recode variables, filter observations, and perform 12 commonly used statistical procedures. The Output Viewer includes the option to embed tabs in a table for copying and pasting formatted tables into spreadsheet software.  The Windows version has been designed to work with Windows 8.1 touch screen technology.

AcaStat supports academic applications where school labs or student personal computers are both Mac and Windows based.   Includes practice data files.

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Windows XP or Later and Mac OS X 10.7 or Later



$19.99 Price USD
Check2.gif (863 bytes) Mac Compatible (also available on Mac App Store)
Check2.gif (863 bytes) Windows Compatible
Check2.gif (863 bytes) Paste Data Copied From Spreadsheets
Check2.gif (863 bytes) Create, Save, Export Data and Output Files
Check2.gif (863 bytes) Drag and Drop Data from a Spreadsheet
Check2.gif (863 bytes) 12 Statistical Procedures
Check2.gif (863 bytes) Format, Compute and Recode Variables
Check2.gif (863 bytes) Random Sampling Module
Check2.gif (863 bytes) Applied Statistics Handbook (pdf)
Check2.gif (863 bytes) Filter Observations
Check2.gif (863 bytes) Split Data File Module
Check2.gif (863 bytes) Weight Procedure (frequencies,descriptives)
Check2.gif (863 bytes) Charts Module
Check2.gif (863 bytes) Merge Data Files
Check2.gif (863 bytes) Statistics Glossary Module
Check2.gif (863 bytes) Import Delimited Text Files
200,000 Data File Capacity (observations)                                            Demo Version Limited to 50 observations

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