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StatCalc simplifies common statistical calculations with 21 procedures.  Use StatCalc to create and compare summary statistics, develop confidence intervals, and verify hand calculations.  Enter data to produce frequency, descriptive, correlation, and regression statistics or u
se the data manager to import tab delimited, comma delimited, and AcaStat software data files. 

A Decision Tools module is included to explore price elasticity of demand, queuing theory, constant dollars, and decision tables.

StatCalc includes example data and a Stat Guide for each module to help you quickly learn the procedures.  A statistics glossary is also included.   All output is stored in an output log to view, print, and save results. The Mac version may be purchased through this site or from Mac App Store.





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Windows XP or Later and Mac OS X 10.7 or Later

$9.99    btnbuynow.gif (2259 bytes) AcaStat/StatCalc Bundle $23.99


  • Use as a handy statistics calculator
  • Includes 21 statistical procedures
  • Conduct a quick statistical evaluation of summary data when the raw data is not available
  • Easily create confidence intervals for means and proportions
  • Statistics Glossary Module
  • Decision Tools (elasticity, queuing, constant dollars)
  • View, save and print Output
  • Import and export delimited text files
  • Import AcaStat data files
  • Example Data Files for each procedure
  • Stat Guide provides interpretation examples
  • P-value Calculator
  • Enter counts for chi-square and StatCalc will calculate common statistics and create a contingency table with total, row, and column percentages.
  • Data Manager allows the selection and loading of variables into statistical procedures.
  • Data limits can be adjusted from 100 to 100,000 observations for frequencies, descriptives, weighted mean, goodness of fit, correlation, and regression
  • Frequencies of numerical and string data - count, percentages
  • Descriptives - count, sum, minimum, maximum, mean, median, range, population and sample variance and deviation, skewness, standard error, coefficient of variation
  • Weighted mean calculator
  • Bivariate Correlation - Pearson correlation and correlation matrices
  • Simple and multiple regression (OLS) - allows up to 11 variables
  • Simple and multiple logistic regression - allows up to 11 variables
  • Standardized (Z) Score generator
  • Confidence interval for means
  • Confidence interval for proportions
  • Chi-square Test of Independence and Goodness of Fit
  • One-way ANOVA
  • Z-test of proportions; 1 and 2 sample tests
  • T-test of means; 1 and 2 sample tests
  • Diagnostic accuracy - area under the curve, sensitivity, specificity, positive and negative predictive values, likelihood ratios, kappa
  • Z, T, Chi-square and F Distribution probabilities
  • Decision tables
  • Queuing analysis
  • Constant dollars
  • Price elasticity

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