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Logo1-48.png (5990 bytes) AcaStat Download AcaStat  

27 MB

Download AcaStat Mac

8 MB

AcaStat-Logo3-48.png (5857 bytes) StatCalc

Download StatCalc  

30 MB

Download StatCalc Mac  

  12 MB

acrobat_reader_50x50.gif (3481 bytes) StatBook Download Example pdf

1.4 MB

Download Example pdf


Other Downloads

 acrobat_reader_50x50.gif (3481 bytes) AcaStat User Manual

acrobat_reader_50x50.gif (3481 bytes)

Product Catalog
 acrobat_reader_50x50.gif (3481 bytes) AcaStat QuickStart

acrobat_reader_50x50.gif (3481 bytes)

Student Workbook
 acrobat_reader_50x50.gif (3481 bytes) StatCalc User Manual

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Practice Data Files


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